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We are a wedding planning agency for exclusive wedding planning and event design in Bangalore. We plan, design, and accompany your wedding from your dreams and ideas to your big day. If you dream of a fairytale wedding, you're just checking the right planner destination event organizer in Bangalore, personalized in every detail and exceptional in every moment, We are based out of Bangalore, Chirmi plans out to offer the service that's right for you. Chirmi in Bangalore will organize a perfect marriage, be it a destination fantasy that you've been craving for, the ideal happy ending of a magical love story like not only deserve better but the best. So here at Chirmi we plan wedding's as you have embraced it to be so far, be it planned destination wedding we excel in conveying to you the silver lining of exceptional weddings which can create a history for the love you home. and we are the right set of wedding planners in Bangalore

Your wedding is your personal story. Tell us your story, and we will use it to create a unique planned wedding event in Bangalore. Relax during the planning phase of your wedding and enjoy this unforgettable and exciting time. we are the best wedding planners in Bangalore, have faith because you are needed by your partner now not to be bending over to check out your to-do list. We are not just a wedding planner out of Bangalore, we have just the right planning what it takes to exemplify things to a haven.

Chirmi Weddings marriage function

Welcome You, Future Bride And Groom!

Congratulations to you who have taken the plunge and are embarking on this magnificent adventure of marriage. For this unique day, there is no room for imprecision or improvisation of conducting a planned wedding!

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and requires a lot of patience and personal investment. With our lives getting busier, finding the time or the energy to devote to it becomes more difficult. that’s why we here at Chirmi based out of Bangalore project this illuminance for reflecting the real meaning of marriage, who else but a wedding planner in Bangalore as us could portray it.

This is why our wedding planner company in Bangalore accompanies you from the search for your room until the coordination of D-Day. We will take care of the thousands of details that will make a wedding day that suits you, all due to our exquisite experience in planning out a blissful wedding in Bangalore. Our expertise allows us to think of unique, original, and limitless wedding Ideas & projects that could be conducted in and out of Bangalore!

Hiring a wedding planner in Bangalore does not mean that you are propelled into a corner while someone else takes all the resolutions. For you, we can organize every aspect where you make all the decisions, and our recommendations are just guaranteeing that every detail of your wedding is exactly as you dream it to be like for yourselves.

And since the relationship of trust is at the heart of our success, take two minutes to read the following, so we will know if we are made for each other.

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Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore


Celebrating your years of togetherness with Chirmi. Anniversaries are very special because it brings back all the beautiful memories you have shared with your partner and family.

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore


Indian Marriages involve umpteen rituals and traditions and our team brings out the color and vibrancy of these rituals, one of the initial rituals being the engagement.

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore


Indian Wedding is like a festival, the celebrations and festivities create an aura of joy and excitement. In such an environment, one’s happiness knows no bounds.

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Attending an English countryside wedding in the heart of Bangalore at the Taj Westend was quite a treat for the guests of Mr. & Mrs. Poddar. Our first meeting with the Poddar family and we were told that they are looking for wedding planners in Bangalore who have fresh ideas for an English theme vintage countryside wedding décor and who understand the essence and who can do a brilliant execution for their daughter's wedding reception. We knew we were up for the challenge as their wedding planners and their wedding decorators.

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore


Your wedding is the most special day of your life, but it can also be a waste of discarded paper items, throw away of extra food, or dumped leftover flowers. We are not asking you to skip the party or these miss out on these gorgeous and cute details, but rather consider the ideas of an eco-friendly wedding, featuring small changes that can make a big impact. There are many different eco-friendly wedding choices you can make to reduce wedding waste or lessen the carbon footprint of your event.

Services we offer

We plan and design your wedding in Bangalore and a destination planned wedding around. The focus is on you as a bride and groom, your personality, your style, and your story. We want to get to know you to create a wedding that fully reflects you as a couple, it helps in planning an event as big as this in your lives henceforth. A wedding where the magic can be felt in the air, a marriage that tells your story!

We want you to enjoy your wedding planning process. Therefore, as your wedding planner in Bangalore and around, we take over the complete organization of your wedding and develop a unique, tailored concept with great attention to detail. We are at your side during the entire planning and beyond.

Undoubtedly, a planned wedding is an essential event for the couple, associated with the most pleasant emotions, feelings, and plans for the future. When they decide to marry, lovers are in a state of euphoria and can only think of the romantic side of the event. But as the time comes to plan the wedding and make preparations for this momentous day Chirmi wedding planners out of Bangalore, the brides realize how much work they will have to do to organize the wedding ceremony they have long dreamed of.

For your wedding preparation not to become stressful, you should start this process in advance.

Experts recommend planning approximately six months before the wedding event.

Depending on where you are in the wedding planning, we offer you the appropriate support for your wedding planning in Bangalore and stand by you with confidence. You can always rely 100% on our team of professional service providers in Bangalore and around for your wedding:

You will experience recommendation as such for your wedding:

  • We provide you sound guidance and experience for the wedding up ahead.

  • We offer you our commitment to your ideas to make your planned wedding your dream.

  • We listen to you and what you want for your wedding and plan it accordingly.

  • We secure you the best services at negotiated rates with our trustworthy and highly experienced suppliers in terms of carrying out a planned wedding.

Niharika and Ashwin

A bond that grew stronger by the years. Ashwin being a Nepali-Malayali – a very rare combination & Niharika being the daughter of Marwadi family wished to have a wedding of 2 cultures and no barriers with religions. They wanted a fun & a memory filled affair.

Deepthi and Vishwas

A Sangeet ceremony of a Punjabi Bride and a Tamilian Groom, what a great way to connect ‘2 states.’ Loud music with Punjabi Dhol for their sangeet & a traditional south Indian wedding for their muhratham. This wedding was a perfect blend of 2 cultures in the most beautiful setting.


You will receive an individualized budget wedding plan from us, based on our experience in Bangalore we've adapted to your budget. So you always have an overview of all your costs and the positions that are still open. During the whole preparation process, we will, of course, be guided by your budget.


The planning of your wedding begins with the search for a suitable and beautiful wedding location in Bangalore. You benefit from our extensive location knowledge in Bangalore. Our mission is to provide you the fully flexible and automated venue of choices and selection about A to Z solutions in Bangalore, and who else can do it better than an established planner of the successful wedding's in Bangalore


Due to our extensive network in and around Bangalore we are professional wedding service providers in Bangalore, we can provide you with the service providers who will implement your wishes down to the last detail while offering an outstanding price-performance ratio.


We create an individual schedule for your wedding and are at your side with creative ideas. We communicate with the service providers so that they receive all the essential information in advance. The right plan not only in Bangalore but around also.


For us, wedding design means creating a unique atmosphere in which all the senses are addressed. Based on your wishes, we create an individual design concept for you that runs like a thread through the entire wedding in Bangalore.


We are also happy to be the contact for your guests during the planning and are available to answer your organizational questions, that you've had for your wedding. We also support you in the organization of hotel contingents and guest transfers, we excel in services to guests arriving at Bangalore.


Of course, we are also at your side on the day of the wedding in Bangalore, ensure that everything runs smoothly and ensure that you can spend your big day relaxed. We take care of the coordination of all service providers, the decoration of the premises, and are the contact for you and your guests.

Latest blogs

Niharika & Ashwin

Wedding Planning for Stunning International Destination Wedding at Rayong Marriot, Thailand

Our enthusiastic team of wedding planners at Chirmi Weddings helped them plan all their wedding events: Starting with their Welcome Dinner, followed by the Exotic Pool Party and very evening the Wedding Sangeet Night. The following day was the traditional South Indian style wedding in Thailand and the signature North Indian style wedding at their private beach. The final event was the grand reception for guests at the Marriot Lawns.

Niharika & Ashwin first met in school and their bond grew stronger by the years. They both wanted their wedding to be fun & a memory-filled affair. Ashwin being a Nepali-Malyali – a very rare combination & Niharika being the daughter of the Marwadi family.

While for their friends it was a mini-reunion but for their families it was two cultures coming together for the first time.

The pool party was vibrant and by the sea and adding a few Thai traditions for the exotic décor.

The Sangeet – Musical night was focused on dance, LIVE performance & the bar. A fun-filled affair for all generations with Mame Khan performing LIVE and friends and family of both sides grooving to his Sufi music and folk numbers.

The traditional South Indian Wedding was a small climb up the Rayong Marriot hill. The décor was simple - Yellow & white marigold flowers.

The North Indian wedding was the highlight which was by the private beach of Rayong Marriott. – White with Pastel Pink roses, the evening sunset and a large chandelier hung from the center of the Mantap set the perfect tone for the couple to take their Phreaks and promise each other for life.

We wish them the very best.

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Deepti & Vishwas

A Sangeet ceremony of a Punjabi Bride and a Tamilian Groom, what a great way to connect ‘2 states’.

Deepti & Vishwas’s Sangeet was pure fun! Loud music, Punjabi Dhol & Tons of Alcohol. A Punjabi bride who wanted a simple wedding décor with a touch of quirkiness which is not too loud…is always an exciting brief to work with. ‘Something different’, was executed by using familiar looking elements from our day to day lives such as Tea kettles, windmill fans, ribbons, and simple flowers and jazzing it up for it to blend in the rest of the décor. The perfect photo-booth that we created for them was a 6’ tall blackboard which had a small story about the couple. As their wedding planners and wedding decorators, this is something that we were very excited to create. We teamed it up with funky props and a small wishing well for the quests to leave their blessing for the couple.

The quirkiness was something that excited everyone and loved by the bride and the groom and they were delighted about the environment that we created in The Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bangalore.

A traditional south Indian wedding with a mix of Punjabi traditions. What a beautiful combination.

They wanted it simple and traditional. With yellow and orange marigold flowers as the theme for the wedding, the Royal orchid lawn their wedding venue complimented it perfectly.

As their wedding planner, we had been working on their wedding decoration ideas for over 3 months, as the couple is based out of London and had a lot of guests coming from all over the world; we wanted to create an ambiance of traditional colors of south Indian weddings.

Their wedding decoration included a lot of colorful photo-booths, funky props, beautiful yellow Mantap set-up, theatre-style seating for 500, rich heavy lunch for the quests and loud traditional Nadeshwaram music and THE PERFECT COUPLE made this wedding a grand success.

It was truly a pleasure for us to be their wedding planners and doing their wedding decoration in Bangalore.

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Arpita & Aman

Aman and Arpita had their beautiful wedding at the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel in Pattaya. They also wanted a small elegant wedding reception for 700 people in Bangalore at The Leela Palace for which we were a part of as their wedding planners and wedding decorators.

The Leela Palace is known for its grand stairway to the ballroom, and we made sure that it looked stunning with heavy floral décor and a custom-designed welcome entrance.

A photo-booth filled with their family pictures, with pearls, gold shimmer jars, flowers and candles, creating a picture-perfect moment.

The Leela Palace is also known for is its impressive bridge that cannot be missed. We created 4 structures at every individual arch at the bridge with similar floral décor and chandelier as the main stage, giving a continuum theme all the way till their wedding reception dining area.

And finally, the main stage which was highlighted with a gorgeous chandelier, floral décor, peach and gold shimmer drapes which created a perfect backdrop for the gorgeous couple. The center table décor was a 5-piece candle stand, with white and peach roses and pearls with gold pained candles. The grand ballroom, with this décor created a warm, inviting and memorable evening for the host and the guests.

Their wedding reception was a grand success and we would like to thank the Poddar family yet again for giving us the opportunity for being their wedding planners and their wedding decorators.

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore



Based on the produced blueprint, we will work alongside you to secure the best possible team for your event. That may include a caterer, photographer and band or a fire-eater, glass-blower and gospel choir... whomever you need to have the event you are dreaming of, we utilize our experience and long-standing relationships to create your "dream team" every time.


The blueprint contains a detailed wedding budget, list of priorities and functions to make it a big picture planning timeline. It’s the data that sets the scene for a joyful and seamless journey to the Big event day. Parameters gets along in all shapes throughout the blueprint process, which allows Team Chirmi to make strategic matches for your event that will fit your budget and your style.


You are the inspiration for our work, so knowing who you are, what you love and how you want to entertain your guests is the key to our successful collaboration. Do you shop online or spend your weekends scouring offline boutiques? Do you love to cook or are you more likely to dine out? Do you prefer adventure travel or lounging by the pool? Every little tidbit is the gold that gives our creative process the initial boost in the right direction.


Once we get the "thumbs up" from your end on everything from the music list to the napkin fold, you can sit back and relax while we make it all happen. In the weeks before your event, Team Chirmi is buying and building and confirming every detail in preparation for a flawless event.


To produce the greatest of comfort about your event design, we will prepare graphic renderings or sketches of all of your major design elements and in most cases create a live sample of those key components so that you can get a true sense of how your event will look and feel.


This is the time when it gets really fun! Our Team od Deginers at chirmi wedding will work with you to establish colorful flower palettes, select vases with furnishings, pick textiles, paper and lot more. Anything and everything to get the juices flowing to allow you to see your event in the most creative way.

Why Chirmi for Wedding Planning In Bangalore?

Did you know that 70 percent of happy wedding couples are annoyed by each other on their big day? The common reason: stress in wedding planning. Who is invited, how are the decorations, where are the parties, what is eaten, and how much is it all supposed to cost? A healthy love can also weaken there. It doesn't have to be! We've got you covered and geared up for this very act of devotion to one another.and help intricate such a marriage in Bangalore

Do you want the all-round carefree package, with budgeting, schedule, invitation design, and printing, as well as location scouting, decoration, and process monitoring? No problem! Or would you like to get yourself a little more involved? Then Chirmi wedding planner in Bangalore will put together the right package for you.

Are We The Wedding Planners In Bangalore You Need?

Here is what characterizes us:

You will experience recommendation as such for your wedding:

  • The experience: Since 2012, we have organized more than 200 weddings across Bangalore.that have been to the best of a planned wedding our couple's had expected it to be.

  • Responsiveness and availability: And as it is essential for us, we are the best wedding planners within the agency and Work in collaboration with several independent wedding planners to assist us at the height of the season.

  • Creativity: Whatever your theme and your universe, we know how to be proactive and materialize all your desires.and good planning will be all that is required.

  • Independence: Of course, we have a network of exceptional partners to offer you. But we do not tax anyone; our only goal is to find you a gem like a wedding.

  • Human values: Our wedding planning agency in Bangalore aims to be a friendly place where you will feel good. Kindness & transparency are two pillars that are essential for a relationship of trust and fruitful marriage.


Celebrate everything!

Our mission is to plan exclusive events with an exceptional level of creativity and planning. Every event should be unique and unforgettable as we are the Best wedding planners in Bangalore.

Are you planning a fashion show or a high-class corporate event in Bangalore? Do you have an important milestone to celebrate, or would you like to organize a charity event?

Then contact us now for a first meeting!

Corporate Events at chirmi in Bangalore

If you are looking to organize corporate events in Bangalore, Chirmi is providing you the best services under your budget line.

Corporate events are essential for the company. Due to this event, people do their businesses and develop their products by providing all types of company events in and across Bangalore.

Companies support their employees and invite people related to the nature of their businesses.

Our creative understand and organizes a beautiful and successful function according to the nature of your business. The Chirmi manages and plans this event according to your budget and your requirements to present you with a delightful experience.

If you are looking for event management companies, event organizer corporate event planners, Chirmi is the best place for you to come or call our representative will visit you and give you the presentation for your corporate event.

Our Organisation Can Help You plan with a Variety Of Events Including:

  • Conferences

  • Award ceremonies

  • Corporate hospitality

  • Charity events

  • Grand opening

  • Anniversaries

  • And many more…

Birthday Parties in Bangalore

These are the essential events in Bangalore, for celebrating this fantastic event for your loving daughter/son; we provide you the best birthday party services all well planned. The word birthday party is lovely for the children. This is also a part of our culture. We see around as birthday parties are arranged very fantastically with music and beautiful thematic corners with multicolored balloons. The Birthday party is an exceptional day for the children. requires a lot of delicate planning and we are well expertized in birthday & wedding planning in Bangalore.

They are much happier and pleasant on that day, the Birthday boy or birthday girl cut the cake with their loving parents, family members, and friends. They enjoy their birthday parties and receive so many beautiful gifts from family members and parents. The Chirmi plan this party according to your budget and your requirements to present to you a beautiful day. For making this experience memorable. You can call anytime to organize a birthday party, at various sites in and around Bangalore

Kids Birthday party ideas:

  • Dora the Explorer birthday theme Idea

  • Spider-Man birthday theme Idea

  • Disney Princess birthday theme ideas

  • Mickey Mouse birthday theme idea

  • Jungle Book Theme Birthday idea

  • Your own custom made Birthday idea